General questions

Yes it is true. It doesnt matter if the aeroplane is a single seat WW2 fighter, or a four engined passenger jet liner ( and everything in between !) you will only ever need to pay $19.95 USD per simulator.

Simple really. Control-Ezy allows you to get up and flying and having fun as soon as possible. There are no long and complicated routines to follow. For example, you literally hold down the control key on your keyboard and then the E key to start an engine. Control-Ezy allows us to still make for FSX and also make a far more diverse range of subjects and subjects with less than optimal reference.

The cockpit of a Control-Ezy development is a 3d representation of the old 2d panel from previous simulator generations. Look down or behind you or to the left/right you will see nothing as only the front facing part of the cockpit has been modelled and textured. A camera view will be present that is locked off and even if you should use the hat switch on your joystick it will not move.

There are systems but the cockpit is set up to have clickable switches which will be detailed in the brochure/manual/pamphlett. These are 3d switches using common keyboard combinations like CTRL+E or CTRL+SHIFT+F4 etc. If the subject has a specific system that is easy to use and easy to implement then it will be added.

If there is enough interest ( and reference ) for the subject then there is a chance that a full depth version will be developed under Aeroplane Heaven. This will have all the bells and whistles ( and required manual reading ! ) that an Aeroplane Heaven release has.

It is vital that you buy the correct version. Double check your requirements and order before submitting. Please refer to the section on our refund policy on how to acquire a refund.

You will need to purchase the correct version for your needs. We do not offer discounts.


Yes. When you buy from Control-Ezy you are you are interacting with our commerce partner They use HTTPS security based protocols to interact between the payment form and the payment gateway. Please note your purchase will read as coming from Aeroplane Heaven.

Paypal is the primary payment method. We are looking at integrating credit card transactions in the near future. If you wish to use a different pay method then please use one of our preferred partners on the buy now page to buy our products from our preferred partner.

Due to the changes ( January 1 2015 ) to EU VAT laws we no longer sell to EU based customers directly. If you are from an EU country you can buy our product from our preferred sales partner, FSpilotshop. The link to the actual product page can be found in the buy now window. IF you are wondering about using a public vpn or public proxy to get around this please be advised that your download is sent to your email address using the paypal/credit card information, which is the information used to allow purchases.

We are sorry for any inconvenience but it appears that tax departments worldwide are out to throttle yet another peaceful hobby. There is little we can do. Sellfy ( our ecommerce partner on this site ) has a simple to understand blog post about this here

First have you contacted us about the problem? In most cases we can help to resolve the problem. However to receive a refund you'll need to open up a PayPal transaction dispute (or contact your bank in a case of a credit card transfer). PayPal will review your case and issue you your refund. It's important that you leave no detail out. Here is the link to the PayPal site that has the information that you require.

PayPal: How to Dispute a Transaction?

The email should be almost immediate. Please allow up to an hour for it to arrive however before getting in contact. And please remember to unblock or whitelist and based emails. If you are buying from a store then make sure that the store's domain is also unblocked.

First. Check your junk email box/spam. Whilst it shouldn't be in there the number one reason that email hasn't “turned” up is that it is residing in the junk folder. If however you still haven't received an email after allowing an hour and the junk mail is empty of notification then please contact us using the contact form. Please note that we are based in Australia and as such we might be asleep while you are emailing. Rest assured we check email every morning and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

Yes we do . The following email providers have blocked us in the past and maybe blocking our emails now. We will attempt to contact you through another account. and the title will always have Aeroplaneheaven in the title.

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  3. * ( however we have applied a few times to be taken off )
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  5. * ( as with hotmail we've asked a few times to be taken off )
  6. * ( this one has been a loooong time blocker )


No you don't. We trust you like you trust us. We don't believe in DRM or any of that sort of thing. You can be completely disconnected from the internet and use our products ( and install ) fully featured.

There is no DRM on any product that we sell that is ALSO available through our partner stores.

Hey this is a Control-Ezy addon. You shouldnt need to read any stinking documents ! However there should be a simple document/brochure in the documentation folder found within the add-on directory.

Our installer has the ability to allow you to install into your addons directory or directly into the main Prepar3d folder. Lockheed Martin recommends that you install into the addons directory ( often found in your documents folder ) this is primarily so that any updates/re-installation of P3d will not uninstall your addons. Some people however like to install into the main prepar3d folder. The choice is yours. With great power comes great responsibility. Choose wisely!

Control-Ezy is built to be easy to fly and as such uses completely stock coding. These addons are built to only interact with themselves. Our installers do not modify stock settings/files. If however you think that the addon has broken the sim. Then your first step is to remove the addon from the SimObjects/Airplanes folder and run the simulator again. This has in effect uninstalled the addon.

Use the contact link at the bottom of the page. If you could provide some or all of the following information in your inital email then that would help to speed up a resolution.

- Your computer specifications including video card , ram . Processor

- Whether you installed into the add-ons directory in the documents folder or the main P3d folder.

- Any enhancements shader tweaks , system tweaks that have been done to your video card and tweaks to shaders from inside P3d.

- Windows version

- P3d settings regarding graphics and performance. Also have you installed Hotfix 3 from Lockheed martin

- What else is running during this issue.

- Which store did you download/buy from.

Why would you want to do that ? Ok we know it happens. To uninstall our product navigate ( on MS based simulators ) to the simobjects folder and delete the folder of the aircraft that you want to get rid of. That’s it. You can also use the uninstall method as well. However we find most people like to have full control. Our uninstall routines ONLY uninstall files that were installed at the time of installation.

You’ll find Control-Ezy products under Control-Ezy in the manufacturer drop down box. To see all variants make sure that show all variants is switched on. This is turned off by default on a new install of FSX. Don't worry it has tripped us up more than once before ! In P3D this option has been deleted and you should see all variants.